Friday, March 28, 2008

Cuss-Cuss by Louise Bennett

Gwan, gal, yuh favour teggereg!
Ah weh yuh gwine go do?
Yuh an yuh boogooyagga frien-dem
Tink me fraid a yuh?

Go weh, yuh favour heng-pon-nail!
Is me yuh waan fi trace?
Me is jus de one fi teck me han
An leggo pon yuh face.

Fi-me han no jine chuch, an me naw
Pay licen fi me mout.
Me wi tell yuh bout yuh - see yah,
Gal, no bodder get me out!

Me no know is what kine a chuch
Fi-yuh mout coulda jine -
Yuh lip-dem heng dung lacka when
Mule cyaan meck up him mine.

Gwan! Me an yuh no combolo -
Yuh foot shapeless an lang
Like smaddy stan far fling dem awn
An meck dem heng awn wrang!

Fi-yuh foot favour capital K!
Koo pon yuh two nose-hole -
Dem dis big an open out like
Miss Jane outsize fish bowl.

Go weh! Yuh cyann bwile sof egg
But still yuh waan get ring -
No man na gwine fi married yuh
When yuh cyaan do a ting.

Is grudge yuh grudgeful! Me cyaan cook
But me ben go dah good school -
Me got intelligency, yuh
Illiterated fool!

Me sorry fi de man yuh get -
De po ting hooden nyam
When yuh ackebus him salt-fish
An bwilivous him yam

teggereg - rough, uncouth trouble-making person
gwine - going
boogooyagga - low-class or low status
heng-pon-nail - clothes that are hung on a nail, hence out of shape, untidy
combolo - comrade
wrang - wrong
bwile - boil
nyam - eat

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Javaghny Wlliams said...

dis a mek mi laugh ha ha ha wha dis poem a de best why da lady ya go dead